I went to see a counselor on Friday. I was truthful except for one thing…which may have changed the session a lot.
Anyways, I’m depressed, anxious and stressed out. She believes medication is necessary.
I have an appointment with a psychiatrist soon. I’m excited to try medication again.

My dad thinks this is all bullshit, that all teenagers are sad and this is something I just have to get through.

He knows I’ve been struggling with this forever.
What a fuck.

The low down.

I’ve been struggling with depression since middle school. I’m in the 12th grade now. Unfortunately, I’ve allowed my depression to take ahold of me. Lately I’ve been struggling with a lack of motivation to do simple tasks. My depression is hurting my relationships with many people, mainly my boyfriend.

I wouldn’t say that I’m suicidal, but simply living is so hard that sometimes I wish I didn’t exist.

I feel kinda fucked right now. I feel like I have dug myself into a hole. I know I need to get out but, as you know, the hardest part is always the beginning.

Obviously this isn’t everything. I’ll probably add more later.